Sunday School

Discipleship Class—Room B102, Discipleship Building 

A class that draws a diverse group of ages and backgrounds, the Discipleship class engages in discussion-based study of the scriptures.  Bring a Bible if you want to attend this class, as scripture is read aloud and discussed from multiple perspectives.   

Koinania Class—Chapel Class, Sanctuary Building

This fall Koinania will be reading and studying the book of Ephesians. Traditionally our “young adult” class this class has expanded to include any one interested in thoughtfully and critically engaging their faith through a variety of theological topics and Biblical discussions.  

Spares and Pairs Class—Parlor, Sanctuary Building

This class is geared towards older adults and retirees who are looking for a study and fellowship. This class follows the year-round study The Present Word and this fall will be studying “The Christian Community Comes Alive.” Class begins with song, engages in lecture style teaching and concludes with a time of fellowship complete with coffee and cookies.

Women of Jesus Class—Room B103, Discipleship Building

This class is geared towards women of all ages and backgrounds that want to delve deeper into scripture—whether you are new to Bible study or you have been studying for years this class has something to offer your mind and spirit.  

Interested in what's available for children and grandchildren during this hour? Take a look around our Children's Ministry