Sunday School Classes—a variety of small group experiences are available for adults of every age. Young adult, senior citizens, middle age…all classes are designed to help us be stronger disciples of Christ.
Disciples Class—discussion format which encourages an earnest and honest, verse by verse study of the scriptures. The wide variety of ages and religious backgrounds help stimulate many interesting discussions among members and fill each week with variety.
Baby Boomers—organized around selected books and inspirational study materials which are used with Bible study. Meets in the chapel.
Neill’s Class—which has never had a name, is presently studying the scripture texts used each week for the morning message in worship. The class is instruction based intermixed with open questions and discussion, with lots of humor and good fun. Discussion includes important historical critical teaching about a text along with learning to read a text as a story which grew out of the experiences of either the early church or Israel. Come join us for an enjoyable study time where we try to listen to scripture so that it might bring meaning and change into daily lives.
Young Adult Class—Single or married? With or without children? New to the faith or have established roots in faith? Definitely a relaxed atmosphere. We meet in the library of the church building, but are quickly outgrowing the room (we just don’t want to give up the comfy chairs)! We love new faces in class. We are currently studying the book of Romans to help us better understand Christianity. We are eager to learn more about the Bible, grow in our relationship with God and enjoy the fellowship of everyone in the class.
Adult Class—meets in the church parlor in the main building. Class begins at 10:00 with a sing-a-long of hymns followed by a lesson using "The Present Word" series. At 10:40 the class closes with prayer and a benediction followed by light refreshments.
Wed night Adult Study—part of our 12 week block in the Spring and Fall. (link to block page)
Women’s Bible Study (link to the women’s page)
Music Ministries (link to the music page)
Mission Trip—FCC McKinney has travelled to the Texas Valley during the school Spring Break. Adults and youth have joined with Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries to build homes, storage facilities, office space, and work in a Mexican orphanage.

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